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Leading the way is Fabrizio Margutti, son of the tailor Franco Margutti, founder of the company and renowned visionary tailor who contributed to the immense prestige of Made in Italy since 1947.

Fabrizio Margutti boasts an enormous wealth of experience, and today he is known as a tailor, entrepreneur, stylist and connoisseur of the best yarns in the world.

Fabrizio oversees the entire production process himself, ensuring utmost precision and excellent customer service at all times. The company and its staff reflect his vision, striving to produce beauty and innovation.


Bringing us closer together with ongoing assistance

We guarantee excellent customer care, even online. Tradition is king, but technology benefits us all: in addition to the user-friendly online configurator with its guidance and tips, Fabrizio and his staff are always available to help you make the right choice or to help you take accurate measurements.

You can rely on our customer service throughout every stage of your purchase and after: chat, telephone, video call and, if you wish, we will gladly welcome you in person to our workshop.

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Guida alla scelta del tessuto


We reveal how to choose the perfect fabric

With our guide you will be able to recognize a quality fabric and above all select the perfect one for you and for your occasion.
Understand the differences between the fabrics or rely on those recommended by the tailor for each type and occasion.

Download now our GUIDE to choosing the perfect fabric!

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Take advantage of our free digital tailoring consultancy service! Book an appointment for a video call by clicking on “Make an appointment” and filling in the form. You will be contacted to make an appointment for a video call with Fabrizio Margutti.

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