Founded in 1876 in Albino (Bergamo), the Albini Group remains a family business that today is represented by the fifth generation led by Silvio, Fabio, Andrea and Stefano Albini.
The active presence of the family is the basis for a broad view of business success. Business continuity ensures a long-term orientation, a strong attachment to the product, a shared ethical commitment.

Use of the best raw materials, continuous research as well as attention to every detail constitute the factors which form the basis of Cotonificio Albini products, a historical brand of the Group which interprets the Made in Italy value 100%.

Complete collection

It is a complete collection that satisfies the desires of the most demanding Clients.
For men, ladies and children, it offers solutions for all occasions, from classic to casual, from fashionable to a sophisticated sporty look.
Cotonificio Albini is set apart by its style. It creates fabrics where the harmony of the graphics and colours are enhanced by the choice of the right structure.
The quality of a fabric is strongly linked to the selection of the finest raw materials to create it: Albini Group invests in research and development starting from our own cotton fields to understand how best to use the finest raw materials.

Cotonificio Albini chooses to use only Egyptian Cotton, Supima Corcoran and European Linen.

The most beautiful fabrics in the world can only come from a process that is completely under control, starting from the choice of the best raw materials.
This is why Albini Group has pursued a strategy of vertical integration, controlling in our plants all the stages of the production, from spinning, to weaving and finishing made in Italy.

The plant and machinery are constantly renewed and replaced, thanks to an enormous investment programme.
All equipment is “state of the art” incorporating cuttingedge technology. The Albini Group comprises eight factories, for a total of more than 1300 employees, including 900 in Italy.
All of the fabric is 100% controlled in its raw form and any small defects, typical of natural raw material, are removed to ensure the highest quality of the product; the fabrics are then 100% re-checked after finishing.
At the same time tests are carried out on the finished fabrics in the Laboratories of the Albini Group, accredited by ACCREDIA.

The essence of Piumino Feeling begins in the choice of raw material: only GIZA 87, the precious Egyptian Cotton which is controlled in the Albini Group cotton fields with the greatest attention. Piumino Feeling does not change over time, and indeed every wash restores the fabric to its original smoothness.

Piumino Feeling ensures a beautiful and unique feeling of weightlessness: the pleasure of being wrapped in a unique fabric made with yarn 100/1 and 120/1, the world’s finest thread. Piumino Feeling is light but simultaneously compact at the same time, owing to more than 14,000 threads.

The secret of linen for the world’s finest linen shirting fabric is hidden in a beautiful pale blue flower. Flax cultivated in West Europe is well known for being the best in the world.

Quality is a combination of three positive factors: the availability of appropriate soil, the favourable climatic conditions, and the flax growers know-how.

Cotonificio Albini select exclusively the best European linen for its fabrics, realised with the maximum care to the environment.
Nature, composition, and architecture of the fibres give the flax excellent properties: maximum resistance, high capacity to absorb humidity, insulating and thermoregulating properties, anallergic characteristics.

The European linen quality and the creativity of Cotonificio Albini in developing the fabric, make every linen shirt natural and elegant at the same time.

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