Thomas Mason was founded in 1796, in Lancashire, at the height of the Industrial Revolution.

From the 18th into the 21st Century Thomas Mason has remained a point of reference for elegance in shirting fabrics, with an excellent quality that is acknowledged by the best shirtmakers everywhere.

Indeed Thomas Mason is undoubtably the oldest, and arguably the most famous trade mark for fine shirting fabrics in the whole world.

Two old and simple principles form the basis of Thomas Mason’s success:
Firstly, a brand that never fails to interpret its own soul: the English style with a touch of eccentricity.
Secondly, Thomas Mason always chooses the finest long staple two-fold cotton in the world to form the basis of its production.

Egyptian cotton

Only the very best raw materials have been selected: Egyptian Giza 45 and Giza 87 cotton and fine European linen.

Giza 45 is cultivated in a tiny area to the East of the Nile Delta and is the best Egyptian extra-long staple cotton with its very long and fine fibres.

Giza 87 cotton does not in any way degrade over time: through numerous washes, the freshness of the material and its original brightness is absolutely maintained.

High quality

Furthermore, particular attention is paid to the finishing processes in order to render the Thomas Mason fabrics unique in coloration, luminosity and silky handle.

Quality has always been Thomas Mason’s most important objective and every single metre of fabric is handled with the utmost care.

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