“Let’s go into this shop: that’s a nice black collar. It looks like something from John Anderson of Burlington Street. Do me a favour: buy it and throw away that ignoble string you’ve got around your neck”

STENDHAL, Il Rosso e il Nero (1832)

David & John Anderson was founded in Glasgow, in the year 1822, by David Anderson. The Scottish brand is the interpreter of the top quality of the Albini Group, that acquired the brand in 1992.

Light, natural, pleasing to the touch and refinedin theirdesigns: they are the features of David & John Anderson fabrics. The Fabrics by David & John Anderson are the face of the highest quality.
Behind the DJA quality is a strong Company that for generations has sought to combine traditional craftsmanship and excellent attention to detail, with the complexities of an industrial production process.

Only starting from the selection of the best raw materials it is possible to create the most precious fabrics. The fabrics in DJA collection are made with the finest yarns starting from the most precious cottons and linens in the world.
For the cottons, only the best extra-long staple Egyptian cotton Giza 45 is used as the raw material, from plantations directly cultivated in a small area in the Nile Delta -representing just 0.4% of total cotton production in Egypt.
After the picking, DJA select the finest Giza 45 bales and choose those with the best qualities, looking for the extreme fineness, length and strength and just 2% of the Giza 45 bales meet these specifications.

To obtain such fine yarns, DJA spin the Giza 45 cotton only in Italy, in the Albini Group spinning mill with avant-garde technologies. The yarns are so fine, that it is impossible to wrap them around your finger without breaking.
Only the very best technologies allow such precious yarns to be worked. These yarns are so delicate that the most modern looms have had to be adjusted to work at very low speeds, combining advanced technology with craftsmanship, 100% woven in Italy.
Only highly skilled staff, with long-term experience, are able tooverseeweaving. One operator is dedicated to each loom, in a process which is very much a craft.
The finishing method combines the finest Italian textile tradition with more than a touch of alchemy, to create the perfect touch. The fabrics by David and John Anderson are closelyexamined by a professional and specialist cloth inspector.

The use of the finest raw materials, combined with centuries of experience, are the cornerstone of the DJA guarantee of the finest quality, allowing to create superfine fabrics, such as the Diamond collection, with Cullinan 300/2, ancy 240/3, Great Mogul 300/3, Millennium Star 330/3 and Golden Jubilee 330/4.

Wearing a shirt realised with a David and John Anderson fabric is an experience that is unforgettable.

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