The precious fabrics make our exclusive ties, created to emphasize your style.

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Unique and exclusive ties

taglio realizzazione cravatte sartoriali

Margutti ties are distinguished for their class, elegance and uniqueness; our ties are produced in limited series and using a special cutting method.

interno in pura lana Cravatte Sartoriali Margutti

The inside of the ties is made with careful tailoring, using pure 100% wool of the highest quality that allows the knot to remain always in position giving it softness as well as a very pleasant visual effect.

The fabrics used are: silk in all its forms (mogador, jacquard, etc.), wool, satin and linen, all very high quality products selected from the best Italian companies.

Tessuti pregiati per realizzazione cravatte sartoriali

Sizes and models

The popular tie dimensions generally vary from 8.0 to 9.00 cm in width and 148/150 cm in length for the standard version.

We produce the following models:

The famous Seven-fold tie:
our top product.

Cravatta settepieghe Margutti in seta

The Classic Tie:
the Classic Tie:

Cravatta settepieghe Margutti in seta

All models are refined with a red hand-inserted closing.

The ties can also be made "custom-made" for Customers who need different sizes.

Ties for all tastes

In our catalogue you may find a selection of Classic Model ties in various colors and designs to purchase right away; if you don't see a tie you like, send a request e-mail to the address with your specifications and other photos of the available collection will be sent by e-mail.