Our shoes are produced by master Damiano Chiappini.
Wearing them gives a feeling of comfort never felt before.
Customize them as you wish.

The quality of the ancient craft

The shoes offered by Margutti are produced by our Maestro Damiano Chiappini, descendent of an ancient shoemaking family; his father was the master artisan from whom he learned the ancient craft.

Starting in 1930, his father would go to the one-time family home to create custom-made shoes on his workbench; their main characteristic was sturdiness and the fact that the shoes were made with special sealed finishing to make them impermeable to water and suited for work in the fields.

Lavorazione artigianale scarpe

Fine materials and Comfort

Today we blend those old traditions with taste, elegance, and class to produce shoes of the highest level, all made entirely by hand with leather selected and treated through natural procedures and constructed with the greatest attention to all the slightest details and to the needs of the customer.

The customer who purchases a custom-made shoe realizes immediately from the first step the high level of comfort, of the greatest care in construction of the shoe that only a Master artisan can make with his hands.

Attrezzi calzolaio per realizzazione scarpe su misura
Pelli per realizzazione scarpe su misura
Tinte e colori pelli scarpe su misura
Pelli e tessuti pregiati Margutti

Manufacturing and personalization

The main types of hand finishing methods are GOODYEAR, Norwegian, and SEALED and are obtained by applying the leather on the form and then, according to the model, is entirely hand-stitched.

The customer can request all the personalization of the product desired to make it unique, initials imprinted on the sole, special stitching, soles and other details.

Mocassino Goodyear Margutti
Personalizzazione scarpe Margutti
Scarponcino modello Norvegese