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Unique shirts by Sartorial tradition

The handcrafted finishing methods and respect for traditional tailoring techniques are the basis of our production of tailor-made shirts; care and attention to details are the principles that inspire our daily work.

Margutti tailor-made shirtss are a symbol of refinement and elegance, fully meeting every requirement of the customer, who may choose from a wide range of fabrics, models and details.

Camicia uomo su misura realizzata con tessuto Albini

The details that make the difference

Each shirt is finished in every detail:

3.8 mm thick plastic Buttons or, on request, in precious mother of pearl, attached by cross-stitching;;

Bottoni camicia spessorati in plastica

Buttonhole and button on the sleeve guard, making the sleeve more elegant and comfortable;

Stecche estraibili collo camicia

Personalization of the shirt with hand-embroidered initials in script or block print;

Iniziali ricamate su camicia su misura

Collars with removable stays on request.

Moschina in raso con logo Margutti su camicia uomo
Bottoni, colletti e particolari realizzazione camicie

Collars and cuffs

The collars and cuffs of our tailor-made shirts are entirely hand-made with the utmost care, and are available in classic or trendy versions, with insides of various weights, non-fused insides and with possibility by the Customer to request the desired personalization.

There are 5 models of cuffs: Rounded height 7 cm, Squared height 7 cm, Angled 1 button height 7 cm, Angled two button height 8.5 cm, Double for Cufflinks height 7 cm.

Camicia su misura finita

Fit for every taste

There are two fit styles: Classic for those wanting a comfortable shirt and Slim for those wanting a slim, trendy shirt, obviously both made with the Customers' measurements.

The two styles allow choosing the shirt front in 3 solutions: pressed, with box pleat, or with covered button placket.

The back of the shirt is provided for slim fit with pleats (or darts or gathers), or for classic fit with folds, smooth, or with a central box pleat.

The shirt has always been part of a man's work day, showing elegance and refinement without neglecting his comfort while staying in step with fashion.
Every article of hand-crafted Sartoria Margutti clothing is a piece of history, sized and sewn with rare ability by our tailors; each item of custom-made clothing is different from the other, with individual details that make it unique.

Italian style can be recognized from a distance; a man is also known by what he wears: a color, a fabric, a button, or even just embroidered initials that make a simple shirt a Shirt with a capital S.
Our passion for our work leads us to always give the best; whoever uses us knows he will receive a 100% Made in Italy tailored product, with attention to every detail, created just for him.

We are specialized in meeting the needs of our customers through attention to every detail, inspecting the shirts until obtaining a state of the art piece of clothing suited to the person who will wear it and, last but not least, prompt service respectful of every need.