The irresistible softness of cashmere in 5 models.
A 100% Made in Italy handmade product.

Among the various price / quality combinations in the market we opted for the maximum both in terms of quality and color assortment: the Cariaggi Made in Italy cashmere.

To emphasize the importance of this choice and to best guarantee our customer, each article of clothing will be accompanied by a certificate of guarantee of the Cariaggi to certify the absolute originality of the material used.

The product is made entirely in Umbria, thus it is 100% Made in Italy, benefitting from the significant artisanal skill acquired over the decades in this region, now considered among the most important for manufacturing high-quality knitwear.

A ribadire l'importanza di questo aspetto ricordiamo che esiste un'iniziativa volta al riconoscimento del made in Umbria in tutto il mondo.


Our clothing is not made by cutting fabric, but each article of clothing is obtained by assembling fabrics previously shaped by means of increases and decreases.

Finally, it is recalled that our models, while maintaining the typical softness of cashmere, are obtained using finishing that makes the knit very full and compact and thus more resistant to wear.

Post-sales service

We offer post sales service that provides two types of intervention:

1. Reconditioning and remolding

2. Repair of small parts of the clothing

Our Models

Our models are the trendiest, High Collar, V-Neck, Zip, Half Zip, Crew neck.


We have chosen classic fit with slightly overlapping lines characterized by the presence of a cuffed bottom for a very trendy look.

Filati per realizzazione cashmere Margutti