Quality of fabrics

Fabric quality

A Margutti shirt is distinguished by the details and quality of fabrics used, making an exclusive and valuable article of clothing.

Sartoria Margutti has always used the finest Thomas Mason and David & John Anderson fabrics in pure double Giza 45 and Giza 87 Egyptian cotton, the highest quality.

The collection is quite vast and includes special knits, poplin, oxford, twill, zephir linen, stretch, jeans, special fabrics, and limited editions, with various gauges of thread that range from size 80/2 to the 300/2 in the prestigious and exclusive David & John Anderson collection, from which luxury shirts are obtained.

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Camicia su misura realizzata con tessuto Thomas Mason

Every article of clothing has a certificate of guarantee from the manufacturer attesting to the quality.

Tessuti pregiati Thomas Mason utilizzati dalla Sartoria Margutti