Umbrella signed Mario Talarico handcrafted with red fabric with golden polka dots.
The umbrella is made entirely by hand and is finished in every detail.
The interior is enriched with hand sewn finishes and steel slats.
The ribbon placed on the copetura is provided with a ring hemmed by hand with a special button, while the tip of the umbrella is in worked horn.
Measure 95 cm in length and 116 cm in open diameter.

Recognized worldwide for the uniqueness of the workmanship and the beauty of the materials used that, under expert hands like those of the Talarico family, give life to unique models of their kind.
Each umbrella has, in fact, unique features that make it a unique piece of history and art.
The Talarico umbrellas are an indispensable accessory for those seeking exclusivity but also elegance, practicality and refinement to combine with all types of outfits.