Mario Talarico's umbrellas are known around the world for their beauty and for their uniqueness: every umbrella it is handmade and different from the next.
We also have the pleasure and honor of being able to sell these works of art in our e-commerce store; they as directly from the artisans' workshop in Naples, which has made unique umbrellas since 1860, for four generations.

All of the umbrella handles of Mario Talarico are made individually of real hardwood, bamboo or other precious materials, based on a specific model.

In our online store you may find a wide selection of these quality umbrellas, also always available at our shop in Città di Castello (Perugia).

Every umbrella it is unique and with its own particularity, an extremely useful item, of quality and effect, indispensable for those seeking exclusivity but also refinement and practicality.

By request, it is possible to have a personalized umbrella to measure, by choosing the type of wood for the handle (or other material such as silver, deer antlers, etc.), or the fabric, which may be matched to a tailor-made Margutti shirt.

Since 2015 Margutti is official dealer of umbrellas "Talarico".